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Fujitsu Component Limited manufactures and sells Switching Devices (relays) and Human Interface Devices (touch panels, thermal printers, keyboards, wireless modules, KVM switches). We support customers with our sophisticated component solutions and products together with group companies around the world.

Main Products



We provide the wide ranges of PCB relays for signal, power, automotive applications as one of the top relay manufacturers. We also provide eco-friendly products like cadmium-free power relays and relays for PV systems and High Voltage DC distribution system that contribute the reduction of CO2 emission.

Touch Panels


We produce analog resistive touch panels, which provide reliable input even by finger with glove, that support single, dual and multi input. Flash surface finish type and environment resistance type are added to our lineup. We offer total solution of touch panel including control ICs and driver software.

Thermal Printers


Our thermal printers are widely adopted in verious equipments such as POS, ATM and information terminals because of easy-loading and unique cutter construction as well as the world's first employment of diecast frame. We provide total solution for customers not only mechanisms, unit and mobile printers but also driving boards and software.



We supply not only customized keyboards for medical and industrical equipments but also provide high-end standard keyboard with sophisticated key feeling Libertouch™. Our unique V-shaped gearlink structure provides a high resistnace against key top coming off observed on low profile mobile PC keyboard.

Wireless Modules


Wireless modules are small in design yet contain all elements that are necessary for a wireless connection. This compact body allows customers to design efficient and small products. We provide various wireless modules that are compatible with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology and Wireless LAN. We offer total support including optimum antenna design simulation and help in obtaining certifications.

Server Console Switches


Commencing with KVM switches, we line up unique products such as Cat5 Extender to extend analog images up to 300m with less degration, IP-KVM and IP-Serial which convert console signals to IP signals, Remote Power Controllers which turn on/off a power of equipment and monitor energy consumption through network.We provide infrastructure management solution as the only-one comprehensive KVM manufacturer in Japan.

Global Support

  • Japan, Korea