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Relays - Datasheet Index

Welcome to Fujitsu Components' relay datasheet index. If you know the part number you need, just scan the list to find your product. If you aren't sure of the part number you need, we suggest you try our Product Selector to sort through the product attributes that are important to you and to find the datasheet you need.

Status: Active = Active; Preliminary = Preliminary; Not for New Design = Not for New Design; Discontinued = Discontinued

Automotive Relays
Discontinued FBR161 Series
Discontinued FBR166 Series
Discontinued FBR211 Series 
Active FBR51 Series
Active FBR51 L Series
Discontinued FBR51 (- WR) Series 
Discontinued FBR512 Series
Discontinued FBR512 (-WR) Series 
Not for new design FBR52 Series 
Discontinued FBR522 Series
Active FBR53 Series
Active FBR53-HW Series
Preliminary FBR53-HC Series
Preliminary FBR55-HW Series
Not for new design FBR56 Series
Not for new design FBR562 Series
Active FBR57 Series
Active FBR572 Series
Active FBR582 Series
Active FBR59-HW Series(12V car battery)
Active FBR59-HW Series(24V car battery)
Discontinued FRL274 Series
Active FTR-E1 Series
Active FTR-E1-HC Series
Preliminary FTR-E3 Series
Active FTR-G1 Series
Preliminary FTR-G3 Series
Preliminary FTR-K5 Series
Discontinued FTR-P1 Series
Active FTR-P2 Series
Active FTR-P3 Series (12V car battery)
Active FTR-P3 Series (24V car battery)
Active FTR-P4 Series
Active FTR-P5 Series
Active FTR-P6 Series
Active FTR-P7 Series
Active FTR-V1 Series

EV/PHV Relays
Active FTR-E1 Series
Active FTR-E1-HC Series
Preliminary FTR-E3 Series
Preliminary FTR-K5 Series

Power Relays
Discontinued FBR161 Series
Discontinued FBR163 Series
Active FTR-E1 Series
Preliminary FTR-E1-HC Series
Active FTR-F1 (5A) Series
Active FTR-F1 (8A) Series
Active FTR-F1 L Series
Active FTR-F2 Series
Discontinued FTR-F2P Series
Active FTR-F3 (3A/5A 1 Form A)
Active FTR-F3 (5A TV-3/5 1 Form A) Series
Active FTR-F3 (10A 1 Form A)
Active FTR-F3 (5A 1 form C)
Discontinued FTR-F4 Series
Discontinued FTR-F4G Series
Active FTR-F6 Series
Discontinued FTR-H1 Series
Active FTR-H2 Series
Discontinued FTR-H3 Series
Active FTR-J2 Series
Discontinued FTR-JR Series
Active FTR-K1 Series (10A)
Active FTR-K1 Series (12A)
Active FTR-K1 Series (16A)
Active FTR-K1-HT Series (16A 105 deg.C)
Active FTR-K1-KW Series (16A 105deg.C sealed)
Active FTR-K1 Series (16A/inrush 80A)
Active FTR-K1-KS Series (16A, inrush 120A)
Active FTR-K1-RG Series (transparent cover)
Active FTR-K1-HA Series (20A)
Non-promotional FTR-K1L Series (16A)
Non-promotional FTR-K1T Series (17A)
Active FTR-K2 Series
Active FTR-K2G Series
Active FTR-K2W Series
Active FTR-K3 Series
Discontinued FTR-K3F Series
Active FTR-K3L Series
Active FTR-K3L-PV Series
Active FTR-K3LV Series
Active FTR-K3L-WG Series
Active FTR-K3PS Series
Active FTR-K3PV Series
Active FTR-K3WG Series
Active FTR-K3WS Series
Preliminary FTR-K4 Series
Active FTR-LY Series
Active FTR-MY Series
Active JS Series
Active JSL Series
Active JS-KS Series
Active JV Series
Discontinued JV-KS Series
Active JY Series (Cadmium-free contact)
Discontinued JY Series (Cadmium contact)
Discontinued LZ Series
Discontinued LZG Series
Active NY Series
Discontinued VB Series
Discontinued VE Series
Discontinued VF Series
Discontinued VG Series 
Discontinued VH Series
Discontinued VR Series
Discontinued VS Series
Discontinued VS-NR Series
Discontinued VSB Series

Signal Relays
To be discontinued A Series
Discontinued AS Series
Discontinued BA Series
Discontinued FBR12 Series 
Discontinued FBR18 Series
Discontinued FBR20 Series
Discontinued FBR20H Series
Discontinued FBR211 Series
Discontinued FBR244 Series
Discontinued FBR46 Series
Discontinued FTR-B2 Series
Active FTR-B3 Series
Not for new design FTR-B3-RF Series
Active FTR-B4 Series
Active FTR-C1 Series
Active FTR-C2 Series
Discontinued MZ Series
Discontinued NA Series
Discontinued NAS Series
Discontinued RA Series
Discontinued RA4 Series
Active RY Series
Active SY Series
Discontinued UM1 Series
Discontinued UR1 Series

Solid State Relays
Not for new design FTR-SL Series
Not for new design SE Series
Not for new design SG Series
Active SJ Series
Active SN Series