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Relay Quality

Fujitsu Relays: Combining Quality and Innovation

At Fujitsu, we take the reliability of our relays extremely seriously. Fujitsu has a long history of producing high quality relays, we have a first-rate and very experienced team covering the relay needs of the largest companies in the telecom, automotive, industry and other sectors. Both our customers and applications allow zero tolerance for failure.

Fujitsu relays are manufactured under the strictest supervision and the highest quality standards. The manufacturing process is fully monitored and Fujitsu continuously searches for new innovations to deliver even higher quality output.

Through our philosophy we constantly striving for new improvements to maximize quality output, safety and satisfaction.

Product innovation

We design our own manufacturing equipment to ensure that we produce the highest quality and most efficient relays. We leverage the experience of our engineers to design the most optimal manufacturing equipment. For example, we have integrated an air blower within the relay manufacturing process to prevent unwanted particles from interfering with relay production.

By carefully analyzing various parts of the production process, using various simulation techniques, our team is constantly finding new areas for improvement. By example, for automotive relays, we have developed a sealed relay that can withstand reflow mounting by additional knurling to our sealed areas. As a result, the lifespan of our relays are four times longer than that of the open type.

Quality materials

Used in network and communication equipment, security devices, as well as industrial measurement and testing equipment, Fujitsu relays play essential roles across a broad spectrum of industries.

As such, Fujitsu relays are certified and qualified by the ISO9001 / IATF16949 quality management system to ensure regular quality and processes. We carefully select the best material suppliers when manufacturing our relays, ensuring quality, sustainability and innovation. We are passionate about our quality and capability as a relay supplier and relish the challenge of designing and manufacturing ever better relays for our customers.