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Product Highlight: High-speed printer mech has selectable print options

Fujitsu introduces all-in-one thermal printer mechanism with adjustable features

Fujitsu offers a 3-inch, high-speed, thermal printer mechanism with user-selectable printing parameters, including speed, paper width, paper thickness and three black mark sensor locations. This flexibility allows customers to easily adapt their printing solution to meet the demands of various receipt, ticketing and labelling/tagging applications using a single printer.

Target markets include gaming, logistics, transportation, and parking.

Capable of print speeds up to 350mm/sec., Fujitsu’s 24V, FTP-x3GMCL483 printer series is one of the fastest on the market. It also has a compact 123.7 x 40 x 61mm footprint, including the auto cutter, making it up to 50 percent smaller than printers with similar features.

The series comes in two models: the FTP-63GMCL483 (203dpi resolution, print speed up to 350mm/sec) and the FTP-83GMCL483 (300dpi resolution, print speed up to 200mm/sec). Both feature the same modular design that lets users utilize papers ranging from 58mm to 86mm wide and 60um and 150um thick to accommodate a variety of receipt, label and ticket stock, depending on the application. The availability of 300dpi resolution allows customers to reduce their print size, thus reducing the amount of paper needed to print.

Additional features such as three paper sensors, a one-touch platen release, auto paper loading, multiple paper insertion options, and top paper exit maximize the printer’s versatility.

Designed for heavy-duty performance and reliability, the print head life is rated at 100 million pulses and 200km abrasion resistance. The embedded cutter has a maximum life of 2 million cuts for 60 to 100um-thick paper, and 1 million cuts for 101 to 150um-thick paper.

For more information:

FTP-x3GMCL483 Datasheet

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