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Product Highlight: Evaluation Kit

Fujitsu Components' IoT Connectivity Solutions Mesh Evaluation Kit

The perfect package for highly scalable and robust Mesh IoT including location awareness solution based on Wirepas technology

evaluation kit

The IoT Connectivity Solutions Mesh Evaluation Kit contains all the required tools to build a mesh network of sensors and including the possibility of location aware asset tracking, Fujitsu’s Mesh Evaluation Kit allows customers to test and evaluate different use cases that are possible with the Wirepas Mesh technology and Fujitsu hardware.

Before investing time and significant budget, businesses can utilize this evaluation kit as a low cost and flexible solution to check the value of IoT solutions based on scalable and robust Mesh technology.

Each Fujitsu Mesh Evaluation Kit ships with following components:

  • 5 x FWM8BLZ07Y sensor nodes that have the following sensors onboard: Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, accelerometer, luminance and sound level
  • 5 x FWM8BLZ07P Mesh nodes set as asset tags
  • 20 x FWM8BLZ07P Mesh nodes set as Wirepas Anchor nodes for location awareness
  • 1 x FWM8GWZ01 Wi-Fi gateway with two Wirepas Sink nodes to connect the Mesh network to the cloud service
  • 1 x concise manual explaining the usage and installation of the included hardware and software package

The kit launches with a three-month software evaluation license, which gives customers access to the Wirepas Network Tool, the Wirepas Positioning Engine and the sensor data webpage, which are all connected to a cloud instance.


The Mesh Evaluation Kit can be installed quickly and easily as it comes equipped with all the necessary settings and cloud setup to ensure it’s working right out of the box.

To get it up and running, all users need to do is install the software and connect the gateway before they can begin hanging up the sensor devices in the areas they would like to monitor. Follow the guidelines for installing anchor nodes within different areas of a building, select five assets that need to be tracked and the kit is ready to go.

It should not take more than a few hours to get the kit installed and up and running.


Once installed, the Mesh Evaluation Kit gives an insight on how the Wirepas network works and visualises the asset location tracking, with a web-based monitor presenting all the sensor data in one glance.

With the standard software package, the installation and visualisation of the network and its data provides a simple overview of the possibilities. However, Fujitsu works with a host of industry partners who are specialised in the back-end software and can design a bespoke offering to fit various use cases.

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