June 29, 2021
Fujitsu Components America, Inc.

Fujitsu launches an endurance line of Wirepas Massive network units (Americas)

Offers an IoT solution for Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) and smart industrial IoT applications

Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has released a new robust, long-battery life family of mesh network and multi-sensor units featuring built-in Wirepas Massive network connectivity.
The nodes facilitate dense, large-scale network installations to address a wide range of industrial monitoring IoT applications in offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and more.

FWM8BLZ08x series

Based on the Nordic nRF52832 and an embedded FWM7BLZ20W Fujitsu Wirepas wireless module, the new endurance line consists of:

  • FWM8BLZ08A Mesh Anchor unit for location/asset tracking reference point
  • FWM8BLZ08T Mesh Tag unit with an acceleration sensor for location/asset tracking
  • FWM8BLZ08Y Mesh sensor unit with embedded temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance, sound level, and acceleration sensors
  • FWM8BLZ08C Mesh CO2 sensor unit also includes on-board temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, illuminance, sound level, and acceleration sensors

The CO2 sensor unit is powered by USB-C while all the other units have the option to be powered by 4 AA batteries or USB-C. Each is IP-65 rated against water and dust making them suitable for use in wet or humid/damp indoor environments. The battery powered Anchor provides up to a 5-year battery life.

Utilizing the Fujitsu Mesh Anchors, Mesh Tags and Mesh Sensors, the Wirepas Positioning Engine provides excellent location awareness of stationary items and moving assets, making them ideal for a multitude of IoT applications.

The contemporary housing of the units measures a compact 74.2 x 74.2 x 28.0mm and includes a detachable bracket for easy installation and maintenance. The operating temperature ranges are -20 to +60deg C (CO2 sensor version starting from -10degC) and they are FCC/ISED, CE and Radio Act Japan certified.
Orders for the Wirepas Massive sensor and network units will be accepted at the beginning of July.

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