September 15, 2021
Reality Analytics Inc.
Fujitsu Component Limited

Reality AI partners with Fujitsu Component to bring contactless vibration sensing with machine learning to the industrial and manufacturing sectors

Reality AI (Head office: Maryland, USA, CEO Stuart Feffer) today announced it will partner with Fujitsu Component Limited (Head office: Tokyo, Japan, President Masahiro Kinoshita) to bring Fujitsu Component’s contactless vibration sensor to manufacturing and industrial applications.
Reality AI’s RealityCheck ADTM for industrial anomaly detection with the Fujitsu Component's contactless vibration sensor based on Doppler Radar Sensor will be demonstrated live at the upcoming Sensors Converge Expo in San Jose, CA, from September, 21 to 23.

Doppler Radar Sensor for sensing of vibration in factory and manufacturing environments

Doppler Radar Sensor for sensing of vibration in factory and manufacturing environments

This sensor uses doppler radar to measure extremely small movements, and will now be available for vibration sensing applications where physical contact is impractical or impossible. The vibration sensor will be integrated with RealityCheck AD, the new Edge AI/TinyML offering from Reality AI announced. RealityCheck AD combines award-winning machine learning software from Reality AI with an edge node and a selection of sensors for quick deployment in factory and manufacturing environments for automated equipment monitoring and end-of-line testing. (Fig-1)
Fig-1 : RealityCheck AD for Industrial Anomaly Detection

Fig-1 : RealityCheck AD for Industrial Anomaly Detection


Doppler Radar Sensor for contactless vibration sensing
Easily deploy sensors
The radar sensor allows for vibration monitoring even under the environments where other sensors are hardly placed such as:

  • High temperature of the mounting surface
  • Difficulty of access
  • Corrosive or explosive environments

RealityCheck AD
Detect anomalies, monitor equipment, or automate end-of line testing for quality control. A complete solution including industrial edge node, sensor, Edge AI/TinyML and dashboard application.

  • Automatically collect baseline and detect anomalies
  • Detect remaining useful life, known anomalous conditions, and unknown anomalies
  • API for integration with dashboarding and workflow systems
  • Industrial-grade edge nodes and sensors from name-brand partners


Automated equipment monitoring and End-of-line testing in factory and manufacturing environments.

Related information

Reality Analytics Inc.
Reality Analytics, Inc. (Reality AI) was founded in 2016 to provide advanced signal recognition capabilities to corporate R&D and operations technology teams.
Reality AI is a provider of AI driven engineering software to corporate R&D departments in the automotive, industrial, and consumer/commercial product sectors.
Reality AI is based in Columbia, Maryland, and maintains additional offices for sales and support in Silicon Valley, Detroit, and Tokyo, Japan. The company’s main product is Reality AI Tools®, a software environment for creating and deploying smart devices using sensors.
Reality AI technology is covered by 14 US patents, with four additional patents pending.

About Fujitsu Component Limited
Fujitsu Component Limited is the leading component company manufacturing and selling connecting devices, input/output devices and network equipment. The company is headquartered at 12-4, Higashi-shinagawa 4-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan.

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