September 21, 2021
Fujitsu Components Europe B.V.

Fujitsu Components launches USB dongle series with built-in Massive Mesh network connectivity (EMEA)

Hoofddorp – Fujitsu Components, launches a series of USB dongles as an extension to its existing line of IoT solutions.
Featuring built-in Massive network connectivity, the FWM8BLZ09x USB dongles offer a simple and cost-effective way to bring Wirepas Massive Mesh Anchor or Tag functions to any equipment with a USB slot. They can also offer Massive Mesh Sink functionality to any existing gateway capable of supporting Wirepas gateway software.

FWM8BLZ09x series

FWM8BLZ09x series

Grow your network
Fujitsu offers anchors, tags and the USB dongle which together can grow a massive network. The massive mesh network grows with each device and is unlimited scalable.
Through its self-healing capabilities it is simple to add or remove devices without reconfiguring the network.
The USB dongle offers the possibility to use devices which feature a USB port to obtain a role in the network as anchor, tag or sink. Allowing positioning and sensor data such as humidity, temperature, lighting to run through the dongle.

Manage Assets
Insert the USB dongle into a portable device such as a laptop, beamer, etc. and enable track and tracing of these devices.
Locate the devices, manage inventory levels, add maintenance information or set boundaries per room or location which the device should not leave.
Fujitsu’s new series of dongles includes the Anchor (FWM8BLZ09P), Tag (FWM8BLZ09T) and Sink (FWM8BLZ09S) models, all based on the Nordic nRF52833.

Each dongle boasts an embedded antenna and is powered by a standard, Type A USB interface, with only the Sink node model using any data communication for a Wirepas gateway application.
Fujitsu’s USB dongles are super compact in both size and weight, measuring just 17.5 x 14.2 x 6.6mm and weighing 2g. Each model also boasts an LED power indicator light and can operate at extreme temperatures of between -30 and +60 degrees Celsius with a transmitting power of +8dBm max.
Additionally, the dongles are capable of adding anchor functionality to an existing Wi-Fi access point for asset tracking via an extra USB port, without the requirement of gateway software.

Target applications for the new Anchor and Tag nodes include indoor location and tracking of people and assets on a massive scale. For the Sink node model, existing mesh sensor networks can be extended to support gateways for industrial IoT monitoring solutions within smart offices, factories, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and more.


Part number
USB Dongle (Anchor)
USB Dongle (Tag)
USB Dongle (Sink)
Mesh technologyWirepas Massive
Transmit power+8dBm max.
Host interfaceUSB type-A (power supply only)USB type-A, v2.0
ICNordic Semiconductor nRF52833-CJAA
Carrier frequency2,400 MHz to 2,483.5 MHz
Symbol rate1M bps
Modulation index0.5
Nuber of channels27 channels 40 channels
Channel spacing3M Hz 2 MHz
Operating temp./humidity-30℃ to +60℃ / +20 to 80% RH (no frost)
Dimensions/weight17.5 x 14.2 x 6.6 mm / approx.2g
Certifications (planned)Radio Act Japan, FCC, ISED, CE, RCM, RSM

September 27: Correction of number of channels and channel spacing

The Fujitsu USB dongles and other IoT Solutions are available from today onwards. Contact our team for more information: or visit our website:

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