April 25, 2023

Fujitsu Introduces High-Performance Wireless Module (Americas)

Unit offers better memory with lower power consumption

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 25, 2023 – Fujitsu Components America, Inc. has introduced the FWM7BLZ23 Bluetooth® 5.3 wireless radio module. Developed as a 1-to-1, higher-performance replacement for Fujitsu’s FWM7BLZ20B module and featuring a full drop-in compatible pin layout, the module conforms to Bluetooth Core Specification Version 5.3.

The FWM7BLZ23 has the same dimensions as the FWM7BLZ20B, but offers 4x the memory (256KB RAM) and 2x the flash memory (1 MB) of its predecessor, allowing it to accommodate more complex programs and software. Increased memory and flash memory give designers the option to leverage the Matter royalty-free home automation connectivity standard as well as the Thread® IP-based networking protocol, with ample memory space for users’ applications.

What’s more, the module’s hardware encoding system enables the 125Kbps Bluetooth Low Energy Long Range communication mode. Users can then leverage the full capabilities of the Bluetooth 5.3 long-range mode, which covers roughly four times the area than the Bluetooth 5.0 long-range mode.

The FWM7BLZ23 also boasts double the transmitting power (+8dBm) of the predecessor unit, achievable with less power consumption. Additional interfaces include NFC, UART, GPIO, I2S, PDM, QSPI, TWI, and ADC, facilitating the design of many embedded applications with a single module. A variety of applications for which the unit is suited encompasses electric appliances and electronic products that require personal area communication functionality.

Replacing the FWM7BLZ20B with the FWM7BLZ23 permits users to easily become part of the Fujitsu ecosystem, starting with one application and migrating to others for added value. Further added value and support provided directly through Fujitsu, such as practical advice on Nordic SDK and antenna/module placement knowhow, afford the convenience of maintaining a single point of contact, rather than multiple ones, for application design.

The FWM7BLZ23 is available immediately. Please contact one of our Fujitsu Sales Representatives for further information.

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