Driver and Software for Mobile Printers

Operating System: Windows

Printer driver, OPOS driver tab

Step 1: Choose a printer driver or OPOS driver.
Step 2: Choose a virtual COM driver as needed. Part number with * requires virtual COM driver.
Step 3: Install the virtual COM driver before installing the printer driver or OPOS driver.
・Version 3.04 can develop POS for .NET application using this OPOS control.
  Please refer to “FTP-POS POSPrinter OPOS control function specification” for details.

Utility/Sample tab

Utility software controls Fujitsu Component’s thermal printers. Please use only for applicable products.
Sample software is a tool to control Fujitsu Component’s thermal printers and it includes codes. The software is provided under MIT license. Please refer to product specifications and command specifications for printer operation and control commands.

Please click "#xxx" link to download software.